Hi, I'm James and I was supposed to be a potato farmer. 

No, seriously.  My family has been in the potato business going on 110 years, and it's where I spent my summers growing up (see photos below).  How did I go from potato farming to photography?  My dad (potato farmer extraordinaire), always seemed to have a camera with him no matter where we went.  No event went undocumented.  The same desire to capture the world and people around me led me to pursue a career in photography.

In 2010, I started my photography business in Durham, NC.  Since that time I made a stop in College Station, TX and now call Edmond, OK my home.  I specialize in weddings, family portraits, commercial and real estate photography. 

Things you should know:

I've never met a stranger, there's not enough cold brew coffee in this world, I could eat tacos every meal, proud owner of a dad-bod, I bring music to all of my sessions (will take requests), my favorite place to travel is Norway, I make it a point to visit (and photograph) our family potato farm every year, I'm a major sports fan, I enjoy driving long distances, I have a running list of top, local restaurants from every city in which I've lived, I've always wanted to own a food truck


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